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The placebo effect in action.

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    I was in the lab yesterday testing some soil samples when I had this exchange with another student:
    "I spilled some of that acid on myself a minute ago, and it's kinda starting to burn now." he says, pointing to a bottle on the desk next to him.
    "That's water." says I.

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    Does he speak strange languages, lift incredibly heavy weights? Does he have mysterious symbols or words on his skin? Does he swear a lot and he is lustful towards inappropriate or reluctant partners? Does he listen to Ozzy Osbourne music?

    He could be possessed by the Devil, which would explain the burning sensation he felt when exposed to water.
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    That's not really an example of the placebo effect:

    Placebo effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    which involves a cure or allieviation of symptoms. I think it might just be an example of self-hypnosis, but something tells me there's a better term.
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    Well, if you consider the fact that the liquid was sulfuric acid, matthyaouw's suggestion that it was only water would be an example of mind control equal to a placebo effect. :biggrin:
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    Yes, he is clearly some sort of Shao Lin monk.
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    this reminds me of one time, where someone offered me a pretzel. I ate it, sort of liked it, and asked what flavor it was. they said mustard and I started gagging

    (I h8 mustard)
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    It's the funniest thing when that happens. My mother once had a cow-tongue burrito and loved it, thought it was the greatest burrito she'd ever eaten. As soon as she found out what it was, she nearly retroactively vomited.
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    Ahh, so George Bush isn't the only one.
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