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The Podkletnov effect & Locking threads

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    This is sad.

    The Podkletnov effect has produced ZERO independent verification. Even Podkletnov could not reproduce his experiments when invited by NASA. This Boeing project is no longer running after several fruitless years. You are not reporting anything new that hasn't already been discussed on here. Do a search if you want to convince yourself.

    This thread is done.


    Why did you lock my thread?
    My anti-gravity thread was not about Podkletnov which I stated was a cover program. It's no surprise it was cancelled. It's all about public face and perception in covering up that sort of technology.
    And NASA? What a joke. PLease.
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    If you have a complaint or question, you could have directed it to the moderator that closed your thread.
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    Then it is EVEN WORSE! NONE of the stuff that you claim have ever appeared in a peer-reviewed journal. The Podkletnov effect, bad as it was, did at least appear in Physica B. It was BECAUSE of that that other people in the field could test and attempt to duplicate the effect - to no avail.

    You are then trying to advertize a non-verified, speculative, conspiracy-filled idea with no foundation. Need I remind you of the PF Guildelines that you have EXPLICITLY agreed to upon joining this forum. I strongly suggest you reread the guideline before proceeding any further.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thank you.

    topsecretresearch, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I too am concerned about the quality of the sources and claims made in your posts. For example, we certainly address the UFO issue here but every effort is made to use only verifiable sources and information. To the greatest extent possible, this is not a place for wild speculation and internet conspiracy theories. Please try to respect that we seek a higher standard.
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