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The Poincare group

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    Hi all!

    I'm trying to study the Poincare group and I have one problem. I'm reading a book: Gross D. Lectures on Quantum Field Theory (there is section about it). So I do not understand how the second part of (3.26 and 3.27) folows from the first part i.e I do not understand how was obtained the commutator.
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    I don't know why a lot of people assume that everyone here has every single physics book ever written. Can you, maybe, provide the actual formulas you are asking a question about? That dramatically increases the odds that somebody will help you out.
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    Good point. I'd like to help, but have no access to this book now. For the time being, you may have a look at my lecture notes on qft, where you find a lot on the Poincare group and its representations,

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