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The Politics of Innovation

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    I'm curious where real innovation comes from. In trying to understand the economics of both sides of the political aisle, it seems to be a difference in a opinion of where innovation comes from.

    Conservatives think innovation comes from the wealthy investing in ideas within the free market, while liberals more or less want that money taxed and in the hands of the lower classes and rely on innovation coming from universities and government funded research.

    So where does most innovation happen, in universities or in a capitalist market?
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    That's a pretty broad, if not inaccurate, generalization.

    Innovation can occur within markets (not necessarily capitalist), within an industries, within a companies, within a universities, within governments, on with an individual or group of individuals, whether they are outside an academia, industry or government, or in one of those settings.

    A propos - http://web.mit.edu/evhippel/www-old/books/sources/SofI.pdf


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    Wherever there is a need. Need is the mother of invention.
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    Sorry, we no longer discuss politics, and the question of innovation sans politics seems to have been sufficiently answered. Thread closed.
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