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The power of 7

  1. Jul 28, 2005 #1
    there are one man with 7 wives
    each wive has 7 daughter
    each daughter has 7 maids
    each maids has 7 kids
    each kid has 7 cat
    each cat has 7 cotton ball
    each cotton bal has 7 color

    All of them go to the moon

    how many man go to the moon ?
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  3. Jul 28, 2005 #2
    One man it reads, so I'll say ONE.
  4. Jul 28, 2005 #3
    yup, i thought it is simple and easy, but still interesting. so i post it here any way. i heard it in a film
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    The traditional one

    As I was going to St. Ives
    I met a man with seven wives
    Each wife had seven sacks
    each sack hat seven cats
    each cat had seven kits
    kits, cats, sacks, and wives
    how many were going to St. Ives?
  6. Jul 28, 2005 #5
    Ah... clever; but that's really hard to tell with no time frame. I'm sure that that one man was not the only one going there that day, nor the only one going there in the entire existence of St. Ives, so I'm not sure how to answer the question. Hmmm... :rolleyes:
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    yeah, NateTG, i meant that. Can you tell me from what film is it, I forgot it badly.
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    ONE was going to St. Ives in the above scenario. The ONE that was going MET some wives, cats, etc. Obviously since they MET they were not going to St. Ives.
  9. Aug 1, 2005 #8
    The even more traditional version

    There was a man with seven houses
    Each house had seven cats
    Each cat had seven mice
    Each mouse had seven heads of barley
    Each head had seven hekats of barley

    (Loosely based on) Ahmes Papyrus 1650 B.C. (from a work of 1950 B.C.)
  10. Aug 1, 2005 #9
    how do we know if all the kids are still children?
  11. Aug 4, 2005 #10
    Children doesn't have mean the person is still very young. It could simply mean the offspring of the parents, implying no age in particular.
  12. Aug 15, 2005 #11
    not certain, but that sounds like Through the Looking Glass.
  13. Aug 17, 2005 #12
    i think it was in die hard 3 as one of the puzzles but i can't rember, maybe it was just something simlar to this.
  14. Aug 17, 2005 #13
  15. Aug 20, 2005 #14
    it is an action film about bomb.
    i am close to sure that it is not 'Through the Looking Glass'
    it could be die hard x but i am not sure either
  16. Aug 20, 2005 #15
  17. Sep 11, 2005 #16
    die hard with a vengeance

    bad guy tells bruce and samuel over the phone
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