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The primary danger of recreational drug use

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    From first-hand experience, I have come to the conclusion that the main risk of using recreational drugs is the diminished perception and reaction to threats in the environment.

    What does your experience tell you?
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    I would have to say the cost, assuming the user doesn't get really addicted.
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    Having seen many recreational drug users, i would say that the main danger would be being like them, but maybe the reason they started drugs is that they were that way.
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    It certainly cannot be law enforcement so let me thinkā€¦
    But what about those having an an increased perception and reaction to threats brought about courtesy of paranoia?
    Never admit to a felony.
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    The primary danger of recreational drug use.... hrm

    I would have to say that my biggest problem when I was using: the people I associated with.

    Normally I wouldn't hang around these sorts of characters. But when you are looking to get high you slowly start to hang around with non-preferable people. Don't get me wrong, some people were good-hearted and just got stuck on something they shouldn't.

    After awhile you start to realize these people aren't really your friends (for the most of them). They are just people looking to score some drugs like you. You don't care about each other and most of them would rollover on you in the blink of an eye.

    Some can be much worse. People can get pretty violent when fighting over some money/drugs.

    It's just a seedy lifestyle you don't want to go down.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    As a slight twist, the greatest direct threat to me due to the recreational drug use of others is, IMO, drunk driving.
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    i agree with Ivan...driving under the influence and addiction as well...
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    'Recreational drugs' is too wide a remit. If you mean Sandoz-strength LSD then diminished perception is what you are aiming for, but if you are talking about old-fashioned strength cannabis (i.e. not the super-skunk and white widow madness that gets peddled today), then... well *snigger* who cares, man? Hey, did you order that pizza yet? :redface:
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    I'd have to agree on that. Or any driving under the influence (of whatever drug...even cough medicine). If people want to take the chance of harming their own bodies, that's their choice, but if they put everyone else at risk too, then that's where I really have a problem.
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    hannibal lecter :yuck: :surprised

    On that note, is it better to be alone or with others while on drugs?
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    We are all alone...together.
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    Another risk would be becoming like these people! :rofl:
  14. Dec 7, 2004 #13
    Well here at school I have seen a lot of people turn from recreational drug users to binge drug users to failing addicts. Last night I went over to an old friends dorm and while I was friends with both of the people who lived in the room I was there talking with one friend for 3 hours and his roommate left the room three times, twice for pot, once for cigs. I think that is the biggest danger is the risk of becoming addicted. Anyone see the movie requiem for a dream?
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    "According to the police report, the couple returned to the home they share and found the home broken into and a quarter-pound of marijuana missing. They immediately called authorities to report the break-in and theft". :rofl:

    I think this says more about how many rights people seem to think they have these days in this 'the customer is always right' culture. I was in a shop the other day where the owner refused to serve a girl because he had caught her shoplifting in there previously. She whinged indignantly for a few minutes before phoning the police on her cellphone to report the matter :confused: :rofl: And no, she didn't seem high, only high and mighty.
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    Jeez dude, you're paranoid enough already. Stick to herbal teas.
  17. Dec 7, 2004 #16
    I have been a habitual ( I say habitual, not addicted) cannabis user. From my experience, it did me no harm. Right now I dont do any drugs as I get drug tested by the college that I attend. I have made some of my closest friends while taking drugs and I dont regret a tiny wee bit of it.

    Some people may say Im mad, and thats fair enough. I know about the health warnings. But i have a careless philosophy on life.

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    I saw it and was petrified. Anybody who considers taking the first fix should see it first.
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    This question really depends on the supplier. If you are purchasing from an unreliable source that you have no personal acquaintance with, I'd say the greatest danger is impurity. Poisons passed off as hallucinogens and impurities cut into heroin, speed, and cocaine, can easily kill in a single dose if the user gets overzealous.
  20. Dec 8, 2004 #19
    Then there is always the question of how the people around you feel about what you're doing. And if it hurts them etc etc. Some people wouldn't care about that, but others would.
  21. Dec 8, 2004 #20
    I think they showed us 'requiem for a dream' last term in my CAPP course, is it the one where everyone goes to jail or gets their arm amputated and such?
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