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Homework Help: The Principles of Magnetism

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    Hi, I have a research question focusing on the historical development of the telephone. However, I have to write it with emphasis it's dependence principles of magnetism. So far, I have not found anything to relate the two topics. I also must include

    1. a reference to at least one person who contributed to the development of the telephone

    2. a description of the general scientific principles upon which the operation of the telephone designed by the person in number 1, is based.

    3. a direct description of how the person in question 1 used the principles related to magnetic fields in their design.

    So far, I have only found either one topic, or the other. I have no idea where to look for a person who used this principle to develop the telephone. Could someone help me out? Thanks.
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    I found the following on Wikipedia (article about Telephone):

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    There is so much documentation out there about this primarily because of the telephones importance.
    Magnetism plays a critical role in the telephone, try wikipedia for invention of telephone.
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    But isn't wikepedia not a valid source of information? Seeing as how other people write the articles, which could contain false information.
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    Thats a fair point to make but out of my own personal experience I have never come across anything wrong on wikipedia. Even though everyone can edit it, it still has standards, if mistakes are made they will be corrected.
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    Even if Wikipedia can sometimes state mistakes, you can still use it to look up information. If you need exact, detailed information about a certain subject (like the invention of the telephone) there are probably better sources available, which you might also be able to find through Wikipedia.
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