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The problem of Origin

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    Hi all,

    Suppose we find the first cause that created the universe. What about the origin of this very first cause? Suppose it is X. What about the origin of X? Suppose it is Y. What about Y? And so on......

    Can we ever find the origin of this universe?
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    Why do you expect that the "first cause" has to be caused by something? Causality is a statement about processes in our universe.

    A related, tricky question: Do you think the number 3 exists? Does it need a cause to exist?
    Let's say we find some way to relate our universe to the number 3 in a mathematical way. Does our universe need a cause to "exist"? Does it exist at all?
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    Are we talking about science or 'magic' where things happen without any cause.

    If the 'first cause' happened without any cause, what is the surety or proof of its existence?
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    Neither. You are discussing a well-traveled topic in philosophy. Science cannot address the question of eternal existence because it is an unfalsifiable proposal.
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    Sorry. This is Philosophy, and we don't discuss that on PF.
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