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The problem with abundance (link)

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    the problem with abundance.... (link)

    "What do traffic jams, obesity and spam have in common?

    They are all problems caused by abundance in a world more attuned to scarcity. By achieving the goal of abundance, technology renders the natural checks and balances of scarcity obsolete."

    http://www.globetechnology.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20031007.gtdejageroct7/BNStory/Technology/ [Broken]
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    Plus how about the abundance of information. We are swamped with information. Alot of misinformation and disinformation.
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    I don't really like Peter de Jager. He is known to be sensationalist and hypes small problems with simple solutions. His last "famous" paper was entitled "Doomsday 2000"



    Thats just sensationalism.

    Traffic jams happend because of a lack of a coordinated systems. If every car was intellegent to drive itself then traffic jams wouldn't exsist. It would take the same time to go from point a to point b because traffic would move at a constant rate.

    Obesity has nothing to do with abundance and everything with lazyiness. Obesity can be overcome with a little thing called exercise. Or if your really lazy you can take pills or do liposuction.

    Spam also has nothing to do with adundance. There is already very effective spam filters. I would even go as far to say the snail mail is worse at spam then email. At least computer users have the ability to filter mail before they see it. Snail mail must be filtered manually.

    Isn't the purpose of the computer and the internet to make replication of knowlege and information easy, allowing dessimination of culture to a large audience. I don't see whats wrong with abundance here.

    It is called cheap labor and nothing else. I'm sure if people in the US started to work for 1 cent, employers would be scrammbling to get US workers.

    I have outlined very simple solutions above. It should be blantently obvious how rediculous this person's claims are. I only hope after through examination that you see how sentationalist de Jager's work is.


    [edit] Sorry for the mess, I was running out the door while finishing this post. Hope this is better now.
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    Humm, this isn't actually true as I had worked in the 'related industry' and have heard of the studies that show when a highway achieves it's maximium working volume of traffic, adding in just a very small number of cars more 100 - 300 more can stop the traffic completely, a limitation of road space coupled to car sizing.

    P.S. I find the style in which you have presented your arguements, against this person, difficult to read as per it's not being distinctly separated, and personally, I find this particular writing, of this person, to carry merit! as it points to what is occuring. That's why I haven't addressed the rest of your rebutal....
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    What if cars where lined up like a train. I've seen experiments that do this where they put magnets in the ground and have the car follow it. You could in theory have the cars going 200 mi/hr, they wouldn't crash, and no matter how slow the person in front of you is driving you would go the same 200 mi/hr because everyone is going the same speed. I would hope that this would eliminate traffic.

    Just think Minority Report.
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    Eliminate??? how?? it simply 'aligns' it, and is still limited in it's volume capacities, so waiting might still be the requirement, just that in your scenario, you would now be waiting to "get on/in".
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