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The problems of life

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    I think I'm starting to wonder if a person can have the best of both worlds. I used to be a complete loner, I kept to myself and my thoughts but it seemed that that condition sprouted all of the creative juices that I had. Now that I'm becoming a lot more social, and trying to impress girls and trying to fit in and stuff it seems like creativity is going down the toilet. I dont ever find myself thinking about inventions or physics or philosophy, I'm always worried about more shallow things, like looks, like my weight(im 6 foot 2 150 lbs), like my image. Both sides have their good and bad points, but I am wondering if I can take the best of both sides. When I was a loner I was creative but I was completely out of touch with reality. I would walk out of the house with wrinkled clothes and messy hair and I didnt care or notice, but I was happy in a way. My family didnt approve, (my family is not intellectual at all) but I thought that someday I was going to be destined for greatness. Now it seems that I'm always worried about impressing people and getting with girls and stuff, which does give me happiness, but doesnt help my creativity. Has anyone else ever been in this situation? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds or do I have to choose one path and take both the good and the bad?
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    It seems as if you are forcing yourself not to think anymore the way you used to. Maybe because of the image you try to keep, you think that you aren't supposed to think about physics and other scienticial subjects. I think that you might be creating what you think you should be like considering your image. Just try to think like you used to, keeping the look you have now. I seriously don't understand why you being more social would cut down on your creativity. Also, try to find some smart friends ;)
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    I think everyone has been in your situation at one time.

    One interest doesn't necessarily have to replace the other, but with new interests it is understandable that you are less focused on any specific area. Your interests have shifted to becoming more social, and this is normal at your age. Your creativity is still there, you are just spending less time in that "area".

    With time you will strike an acceptable "balance" in your life. Of course some people don't, but you strike me as someone that will manage. :approve:
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    the key is to balance both aspects of life, In life creativeness is one good factor but being happy is the more important one i think :D
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    Combine both worlds. Use your creativity to impress girls and people.
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    Wow...sounds like my life. Unfortunately I have not found the answer to satisfy both social happiness and mental curiousity. I kinda hoped that I would find this "perfect world" where logic and reason would prevail...where people were intrigued by the aesthetic and intellectual aspects of this world...where people constantly pushed themselves to be mentally stronger..I actually thought I would find this at college. Big suprise. But yes, I too believed (believe) that I was destined for greatness. Anyways, If I figure it out I'll let you know. Good luck!
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    The solution is simple: Get a PhD in Physics while you are a fat messy nerd, and then lose weight and get a haircut and you'll be a stud muffin doctor Matt :biggrin:
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    Yep, balance should be possible. Just because you take time to dress neatly and comb your hair in the morning doesn't mean you have to fill your head with air too. I find it can get just as tiresome to be socializing ALL the time as it is to be alone ALL the time. Everyone (or at least everyone I know) needs a little quiet time to themselves once in a while as well as some social stimulation. So, when you're not out hanging out with the gals, feel free to toss on the old ratty t-shirt and sweatpants and find a quiet corner to ponder whatever you wish to ponder. When I lived in dorms, so you're NEVER really alone, I did a lot of good thinking in the shower or I'd go find a corner in the student center to sit with a cup of coffee and just sat pondering whatever (yeah, it sounds odd, but I find crowded places to be good places for sitting quietly and thinking; nobody is really paying attention to you at a table off in the corner to interrupt, but at the same time, I didn't feel like I was isolated from the world).

    You've made a big adjustment to become more social after spending so much time as a loner, so just give it time to find the balance you're most comfortable with.
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    I know exactly what you mean. Thats totally how my life has been. Its hard to balance things. I haven't really managed. Mostly i just teeter between the two worlds... i try to make the time spent in each minimal though. Then it appears to the outside world that i'm really balancing better... i guess... Highschool sucked though, cause half the time i was the shallow, popular, clique leader... and the other half i was in the library reading different books on math and physics... and i would just spend months in one frame of mind or the other. and then i;d switch and it was such a pain.. ya, ugh.

    I dunno. but at least its comforting to know i'm not the only one.
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