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The problems with space

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    The problems with space......

    Just pondering how you would measure an object's density when in space or a vacuum.....

    Was thinking attach it to a spring and use the spring constant but would a spring work in an area with a low gravitational field strength?

    What are other people's ideas?
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    You need to apply a known force, then measure the acceleration of the body. You can do this with a spring (if you know the spring constant). It takes some practice but if you can stretch the spring and hold a constant length as the body accelerates you will be applying the needed constant force.
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    do you use the natural frequency of the spring or look at the time period and root mass?
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    a bit confused :s
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    If the object is reasonable in size, insert it in your thermos bottle, then fill the thermos from a bottle filled to a known volume.

    Have 2 of your astronaut friends spin you while you're doing it if you're having trouble poring and stuff.

    Or use a syringe for the purpose instead, and inject water into the thermos till it's full and measure the displacement.
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    As for the mass, use a centrifugal scales.
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