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The prospects of physics

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    I just wanna know the future prospects of every field of physics.Who can offer me an introduction?
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    Doc Al

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    As Max Planck's physics teacher supposedly told him (c. 1880):
    Physics is finished, young man. It's a dead-end street.​
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    As an old engineer, I am biased, but if it is advice you're looking for, I would say learn as much physics as you can then apply it in the field of engineering. We get paid more than the researchers, but I imagine they have more fun :smile:
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    I'm going into condensed matter physics, and like to try to turn others onto the field. There is a lot of research, theoretical, experimental, and applied, going on in CM. Also CM has a good amount of funding, but also has more competition for the money.

    There is a lot of interesting new research going on in condensed matter. High temperature superconductors, quantum computing, and Bose-Einstein condensates are just a few of the topics being studied by CM research groups out there.
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    DOC AI,I guess what you mean is that,physics seems to be finished,but actually we have much to do in the field.Right?
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    All that's left in physics is stamp collecting
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    It's a joke. Throughout history, physicists always thought that they were juuuuust about to figure out everything there is to know about physics and then something ground-breaking occurs that throws what we thought we knew about physics into question and eventually entire new fields and theories come into play.
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