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The Quantum Syllogism

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    Ed Jaynes provides the example of the Quantum Syllogism. I cannot count the number of times that I have heard this from proponents of QM. This is the logic of the Quantum Syllogism:
    The present mathematical formalism can be
    made to reproduce many experimental facts
    very accurately.


    The *physical interpretation* which Niels
    Bohr tried to associate with it must be true;
    and it is naive to try to circumvent it.

    Compare this with the Pre-Copernican Syllogism:
    The mathematical system of epicycles can be
    made to reproduce the motions of the planets
    very accurately.


    The theological arguments for the necessity of
    epicycles as the perfect motions must be true,
    and it is heresy to try to circumvent them.

    In what way are they different? The difference is only that today everybody knows what is wrong with the Pre-Copernican syllogism; but (from the frequency with which it is still repeated) only a relatively few have yet perceived the error in the Quantum Syllogism.

    All the best
    John B.
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    Enough is enough. This forum is quantum physics. This topic is not physics, it is philosophy.

    John, why do you start a new thread every time you have another thought? All of your threads essentially address the same ideas - that QM is nothing and you are a genius because you have an EE (no insult intended, Warren).

    Some of us have tried to engage you (myself included), and you blow off serious attempts at discussion. I get the feeling your objective is to see your name on the QM forum page. This forum is not about ego trips. Best case: this belongs in TD, but it probably lacks the substance to qualify there.
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