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The Quantum Universe

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    Here is a paper I do not understand. It is not even clear to me that it should be in the quantum physics forum as it concerns the foundations of the univrse.

    It seems to be saying that the foundation of the universe is entirely waves (quantum physics) and that particles (classical physics)are an emergent feature of the universe.

    I am of hope that someone on this forum understands the math in and the relevance of this paper. The link to the paper in arXiv.org and its Abstract are copied below:

    Modal logic approach to preferred bases in the quantum universe
    Authors: A. M. Lisewski
    Comments: 51 pages; 1 eps-figure; accepted for publ. in Int. J. of Theo. Phys
    We present a modal logic based approach to the endophysical quantum universe. In particular, we treat the problem of preferred bases and that of state reduction by employing an eclectic collection of relatively novel methods including Baltag's analytic non-wellfounded set theory, a modal logic interpretation of Dempster-Shafer theory, and results from the theory of isometric embeddings of discrete metrics. Two basic principles, the bisimulation principle and the principle of imperfection, are derived that permit us to conduct an inductive proof showing that a preferred basis emerges at each evolutionary stage of the quantum universe. These principles are understood as theoretical realizations of the paradigm according to which the physical universe is a simulation on a quantum computer and a second paradigm saying that physical degrees of freedom are a model of Poincar\'e's physical continuum. Several comments are given being related to evolutionary biology, to communication theory, and to quantum gravity.


    Should this thread be moved to the quantum gravity & strings forum?
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    I, for one, see no reason to consider moving it to the other forum.
    You mean the String Brane LQG forum.
    this paper is not about string or brane or Loop Quantum Gravity.

    it does not even focus on quantum gravity per se, as far as I can see.

    so IMHO you have put it in the right forum
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