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The questions of all the questions!

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    For years I am asking myself and others about the meaning of the whole life.

    Who we are?
    Where are we going, and from where are we coming?
    Which is our purpose?

    If somebody answers those three questions, or maybe one of them is a real genius.

    Good luck my friends.

    Excuse my english.
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    These questions are rather vague. Please read over the forum guidelines and try to develop your questions in more detail.
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    Who we are? Just an imagination

    Where are we going, and from where are we coming? We come from the "source" and are expanding from it.

    Which is our purpose? To be part of all possibilities of possibilities of the "source"
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    Who we are? We are the human race!

    Where are we going, and from where are we coming? We come from our mothers, and are going to die.

    Which is our purpose? To enjoy life.
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    Why anything? Why a something rather than a nothing? That's the big one.
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    Everything in life has a purpose. Atoms work together to create molecules, molecules create organisms. Organisms create life and humans. Humans purpose has a slightly more complex role in this universe, and thats to explore. To evolve and go beyond our imagination to explore what is next. Everything will come into place, as it always does. And a new generation will continue.
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    The answer to your questions... Is 42.
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