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The Rapping Mathematician

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    Ivan Seeking

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    cool idea.
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    Whatever works my friend.

    6 years ago when I was in 8th grade almost nobody paid attention in math class. Getting the class to sing along and such forces everyone to be paying attention. This is the same concept that's used in kindergarten.

    Good for him.
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    That's pretty awesome. If my teacher would have done that, it would have been pretty cool. I loved math to begin with, and rap would make it better. My teacher was one that like always told dumb corny jokes, and the really sad part was, I had to explain them to alot of other kids, lol. Now, I am the one everyone has to explain stuff to.
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    takes courage to do that, though I don't think he's as good as MC hawking:
    (explicit lyric warning)

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