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The real drawings of the supermarine spitfire

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    my last question wasn´t very good on exlplaining what i need..
    i need the strutural drawings of the real supermarine spitfire, because i want to draw it on the program ' catia' develop by dassault, this program is like 'solidworks' and for that i need detail plans about the plane.. i found some sites but i have to pay. soo i want to know were can i get them for free.. thanks
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    Do you really think that you're going to get any "real" engineering drawings from any company for free? I doubt you'd get some even if you offered to pay for them. Engineering drawings are usually closely held assets. Even on a product that is over 50 years old. You can always try writing Vickers to see if they will let you have a copy, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Your best bet is to find someone that has done scale representations and go from there.
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    I have emailed you, but no response, I have in fact numerous drawings of the MkXIV Spitfire, but which ones you need is a different story, there are thousands down to the last rivet size or wing former. Please advise as to your requirements.
  5. May 17, 2009 #4
    Is it possible for you to email me those drawings? Thanks
  6. Oct 27, 2009 #5
    Hello, would I would be most interested in looking at your Spitfire plans. I am in the process of staring a complete new build, including manufacturing a RR Griffon engine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul Vickers. If you could email me that would be great.
  7. Jan 8, 2010 #6
    Hi There

    I am also interested in drawing a Spitfire in 3D CAD. Would it be possible to still get the plans from you? Pretty Please?
  8. Jun 11, 2010 #7
    Hi Bob we are in desperate need of fullscale spitfire plans, we are building our fullscale spitfire for exhibition purposes for help the heroes charity, we would be most grateful if you could reply to this message. With Kind Regards
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