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The real lost world

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    the real 'Lost World'

    Before Jurassic park there was a movie called 'the Lost World' about a scientific expedition to a plateau in south America that had dinosaurs on it. This movie (Claude Reins, Michael Rennie, Jill St John, David Heddison) was based on a book by A.Conan Doyle. His book was based on actual plateau's in Venezuela that are unreachable except by helicopter which didn't exist in his day.
    They are called Tepui's. Dinosaurs and Plesiosaurs (there are very large lakes on some) have supposedly been sighted on top of some. They are pretty much unexplored so far because they are not only hard to get to, they are pretty far from civilization too. But getting less far every day I guess with the destruction of the rain forest.
    They are totally isolated and are home to unique species of plants and animals. If dinosaurs were still alive anywhere, this could be one of the places. If they aren't in the anomaly list they should be. :eek:
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