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The Reason of Earth Born

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    Earth born for some reason ? it born with some propose?why?

    is it really just like what ppl explain ,dust mix with........blar blar....

    if it really being created ,what is the reason?
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    It's "purpose" not "propose" Earth is a very small part of a very big universe.
    Earths come & Earths go, make a goal, think of a purpose “that” will become the purpose of earth’s being .....
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    If anyone where to tell you the puropse of the earth (besides the biological reasonings :wink: ) their guess would be just as good as yours. What Microburst said sounds like a good plan.
    BTW: I don't think we need to know the purpose of the world but what pertains to us, which is for the world to be a home to us. We should just be as Good as possible, and live the best life you can....

    ----- nwO ruoY evaH ,deeN oN <----?eeS I tahW eeS uoY oD
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    The standard scientific stance is that the Earth was created purely by circumstance, as a consequence of 'blind' physical laws. According to this view, there was no more purpose behind the formation of Earth than there is behind the fact that a ball will fall to the ground if dropped from a height. If you are interested in learning more about the scientific explanation for how (but not 'why') the Earth formed, you can find several sites on the matter using Google, such as this one.

    The only way Earth could have been created for some purpose is if it was intentionally created by an intelligent designer, be that some alien race or God or what have you. However, delving into possible motives behind hypothetical beings such as these can only be pure, uninformed speculation with little philosophical motive or merit. If you are interested in pursuing this avenue further, you may want to look into perspectives offered by various world religions, but we do not host religious discussions here.
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