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The Recent Visitors

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    The "Recent Visitors"

    Hey there,

    Is the "Recent Visitors" thing in the profile broke? I just noticed it seems this way :)
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    What is wrong about it?
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    Well it looks like it doesn't update the visitors. I've been noticing that while the amount of visitors go up, the names doesn't change.

    PS: And I'm always curious about who visits ^^
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    This is a simple brain teaser that you should be able to solve on your own :tongue:

    Could be that stats are not updated in the real time, but it doesn't mean what you see is wrong.
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    If it's the same people visiting your page over and over your view count will go up, but it only shows each visitor's name once.

    Got stalkers? :eek:
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    I prefer to see them as fans :biggrin:

    However I just realized that it actually works! What about "guests", people with no account. Do they count also?
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    Yes they are your fans :)

    Guest impressions do not count.
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    Invisible visitors are another possibility.

    Just tested it, and they do count (unless 4 members visited my profile exactly in sync with my page reloads :p).
  10. Mar 23, 2013 #9
    Interesting, thanks for the test
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