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The Relation

  1. Jun 28, 2004 #1
    May I Ask This Question ... Please ...

    There is many sizes of Arc Welding Wires ... ( 1.5 ) , ( 2 ) , ( 2.5 ) ... etc.

    On what depend exactly the use of each size ... ?

    There is also on the Welding Machines a Volatge Controller ... for increasing or decreasing the welding voltage ...

    So I want to know the relations between the metal specifications , welding wire size and the voltage controller ...

    How we controling all those ... ?

    Hope to get welding machines catalogues
    Hope To get Welding Wires Cataluges
    Hope to get Some Formulas That Explaining Or Helping To Choose The suitable Welding Wire With The suiatble voltage and also the Metal Thickness And Specifications .


    Engineer : Luqman H. Hussien
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