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  1. Hey, I am a little confused as to what the report button is for. When I click on it it says that it is only to be used for advertising, or some form of confrontation.

    If I see a thread in the wrong forum should I report that or leave it for the moderating staff? I have reported a few of them but do not now if maybe I am just being a bit of a pest :shy:

    Again I know it doesn't say to report them, but I would just like it cleared up.

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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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    Anything you would like the staff to review, report it.
  4. Moonbear

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    All of your reports so far have been for acceptable reasons. :smile:
  5. Kurdt

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    Could you fix that message under the report post dialogue box Greg? It could be putting a lot of people off reporting for legitimate reasons. I know I was wary when I first saw it.
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