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The responsibility of God.

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    Is God ultimately responsible for everything that he has and will create?

    Is God the ultimate authority thus fully responsible for all that happens and has happened.

    Is having faith in the separation of man and God an act showing a lack of faith in the absoluteness of Gods authority?

    Surely to have true faith in God is to know yourself as a part of God and all your actions are therefore inspired by him, regardless of what those action may be?

    Persons often state that we are responsible for our actions and of course this is true but our responsibility as an agent of God is one of agency and certainly not principle. The principle entity being God who controls his agents.

    Any legal system will deem the Principle as fully responsible for his agents actions and as Gods authority is absolute how can the agent be held responsible for surely the actions of the agent are fully inspired by that absolute authority.

    I ask again is God fully responsible as Principle in this relationship?
    and if yo feel that God is not responsible then is this not showing a distinct lack of faith in God's authority?

    Is having faith in the teachings of the bible and similar religious texts and other scriptures actually a demonstration of a lack of faith and not true faith.
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    I heard part of a Christian radio program this week. The guest was a woman who told the story of adopting a Chinese girl. The story began with God speaking to the woman (to her amazement) that she was going to have a child named Hannah Grace.

    The woman spoke at length about how various pieces fell into place. One interesting piece of the story was that in order to prepare financially for the adoption, the woman and her husband tried to get an equity loan. They were told at first that they just did not have enough equity in their house to get the loan that they needed, because it was thought that their house had not appreciated enough in value. They went to an appraiser who asked them what they needed the money for. They told him what they planned to use it for, and the man said to them, "I am not supposed to do this, but let me ask how much money you need." They told him how much, and lo and behold, the appraisal was sufficient for them to get an equity loan.

    This woman would probably say that the appraiser was being used as "an agent of God," to use your expression. I find it interesting that she thinks that God actually causes people (in this case, the appraiser) to do things that would be looked upon by many as unethical business practice.

    In some other thread I told of another Christian radio program in which God was said to have acted on a land surveyor to get him to make a mistake in calculating acreage, leading to a favorable land purchase deal for a church.
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    So if I have enough faith, God will screw over landowners and banks for me? Now that's my kind of God.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    there is no god. perhaps, there will be.
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    God is responsible for everything, except that there is a NEW Logic which exonerates God from any responsibitlity for Evil. This is also a BIG blow to those with the ultemate aim of analytically destroying God and those who claim that God is incompatible with logic.
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    this seems to border a religious topic...scott, i don't understand how i can be any more clear regarding "god" topics...please read the sticky that specifically refers to new members posting religious topics...
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