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The Return of the S U P E R D U D E S ! ! !

  1. Aug 8, 2003 #1
    Okay, I don't know how many of you were here for PF version 2.0, but we had this pretty awesome thread (started by myself) where everyone had to state what their super-power is and what their super-hero name will be.

    Here are the official rules of the game:

    1. You may choose one and only one super-power. This does not mean two or three or even four super-powers, just one.

    2. Your super-power must be a MINOR super-power. For example, you MAY NOT choose super-human strength, but you MAY choose the ability to open any jar of pickles in the universe. You my MAY NOT choose ability to fly; you MAY choose the ability to levitate exactly one foot off the ground without going anywhere.

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    My super-power will be the ability to make ladies blush with a strange feeling of crushiness on demand.

    Henceforth, you will know me as...

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    I am Partical Man!!!

    I have the power of superposition. I can exist in two very close spaces at the same time, except when somebody is looking at me to see if I'm doing it. Then, my Eigenstate becomes fixed and I can only exist in the space in which they see me.

    But trust me, when you're not looking, I can do it.
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    Hahaha... that's a good one. Reminds me of the African-American kid from the movie the Mystery Men.

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    Never saw that one. Partical Man was originally a comic-book idea by a friend of mine. He was going to combine ghost;y abitlities like using quantum tunneling to walk through walls, and mind-clouding like The Shadow ("yea I saw him going North, now where was that?" or "He went passed me on Tenth Street, ahh... don't rightly recall which way he was headed, though").
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