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The Ridiculist

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    I've watched a few of these recently and have really come to like them. The $39,000 backpack is hilarious! If you're so rich that you'd want to spend this sort of money...

    Even Bill Gates, the richest man on Earth (supposedly) isn't that wasteful. I think he'd much rather toss an extra $39,000 towards charity rather than blow it funding the Olsen twins wasteful lifestyle.
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    The people who buy the backpack are a bit out there in my opinion. It doesn't even look that nice, looks rather tacky to wear an animal as a fashion statement. Although society advances we still behave like tribal people.
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    i think Anderson has found his niche
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    Yes, I think so. I'm amazed at the myriads of justifications to the contrary. No matter how well-educated, the root arguments are little different than that of the least educated. Neanderthals we are not. Humans, however, we are.
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    LAWLS I want that alligator backpack! the $40 one :)
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    <sigh> A $39,000 backpack? A fool and their money are soon parted.
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