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The Right Calculator

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    Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. I am needing some opinions on three calculators I am looking at for college algebra. The runners up are the HP 35s, TI-36X Pro, and the Sharp EL-W535XBSL. I am wanting to use it for my Math 1000 and Math 1050 classes. Price is no issue for me, just am wanting the best calculator for the job. Thanks for any feedback!
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    Ok, I have narrowed it to either the TI-36X Pro or the Sharp EL-W516XBSL. Can you please help me to narrow it to one of these? Thanks!
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    The Ti-36X Pro is allowed for the NCEES EIT exam, the Sharp (any Sharp) is NOT! If you are planning to take engineering and take the NCEES Fundamentals exam as a senior, you will want to use an NCEES exam approved calculator.
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