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The right size solder?

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    Hello All,

    I'm going to be buying some solder for a used Metcal iron I won on e-Bay but I'm not sure what size solder I should get. I'm planning on doing mostly surface mount soldering of MSOP, SOIC, and 0805 sized components. I will have a few through hole components to solder (like cap leads, headers, and a few DIP sockets. What would you all recommend for solder wire sizes? Also, do any of you have any favorite sources for cheap rolls? I'm interested in getting one or two 1lb spools of it in a couple different sizes.

    Jason O
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    We use Kester 0.010" solder for SMT parts (too small for regular through-hole parts), and Kester 0.025" for standard through-hole parts (too big for most SMT work). Probably just Digikey or Mouser would be an okay place to buy from. I don't know offhand if there are any cheaper places available.
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    Thanks for the tips :smile:.
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