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The Robertson Diagram

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    In my general relativity course my professor actively refers to the models in the lecture .pdf I have included as "The Robertson Diagram" and "The Ω[itex]\Lambda[/itex] - ΩM Plane", respectively. I am not doubting that he is correct but I would like to do some additional reading on the subject and I am having trouble finding other resources when I search these names. If anyone knows other names that these types of plots go by or resources which explain them I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your knowledge, thank you.

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    This is the first time I've come across the Robertson diagram, either by that name or by any other. I guess the reference by Robertson, [1], is probably paywalled, but since you're a university student you could simply go to the library and pull it off the shelf.

    The [itex]\Omega_\Lambda-\Omega_M[/itex] plane is extremely common, and although I haven't seen it named in exactly that way before, the name is constructed so that it should make clear what it refers to. What is it about your professor's writeup that you're not understanding? Without knowing that, we have no way of knowing what reference to suggest as a supplement.
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    Mostly I was hoping to find some additional material explaining how these diagrams relate to the life of a universe and the parameters which describe it.
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