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The rooligator

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    The rooligator is a voracious pest, a ( flood ) of them have been known to strip a field of oil seed rape in a single day.
    The rooligator is so named because of it's elongated jaw and gnawing teeth, they are the size of a large rat
    and can move very rapidly, science is trying to find a way to cull these beasties without resorting to poisons which may be taken by other wild life, because they breed like mice and the population may well reach epic proportions scientists are looking for help in controlling this outbrake.
    So if you can spare the time go out into the fields and do a count,
    Send your count to:
    The wlc survey
    127 Bristol way
    lcv 2qp.
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    Creative writing day? :)
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    I figured it's a love child between an alligator and a kangaroo...

    I have not seen any here. But just to be sure, I wandered my field and found exactly zero.
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