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The Rules of the Cosmos

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    I have only one question at the moment which im pondering over. Now im aware the the Laws of Physics govern most happening in the Cosmos, but what made these laws? I mean how did the speed of light end up at 3*10^8, How did gravity come about, what started time and when/how and what did the Cosmos first come about (Before the Big bang). I think The Cosmos if far more complicated than any of us can ever fathom and holds so many phenomenons/strange happens, that it will keep mankind occupied for a long time. On another note, say one day when we do learn everything there is to know about the Cosmos, what is Mankinds purpose? So is the answer to the meaning of life to truely understand the Cosmos? Ultimately, my question to the world is: What is the point in the cosmos? Is there something intelectually pleasing behing it all, or is there something far more sinister happening behind the workings of the Cosmos? Who Know?
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    I think you are a bit mixed up about the laws of physics. The laws of physics govern nothing in this Universe, they only describe that which we observe in this Universe.

    The Cosmos may be far simpler than we imagine. For example we may not need complex theories like "multiverses" or string theory to explain what we observe.

    Personally, I don't think we will ever learn all there is to know.
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    But surely the things that we observe are the things actually happening?
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    First of all welcome to these Forums Mark!
    And I like your website - pretty impressive.

    You have actually asked a number of questions not just "only one" but these Forums are the place to ask.
    You can ask this as a scientific question - i.e. is there a 'meta-law', or "Theory of Everything" that determines which physical laws are possible or even inevitable? Or you can ask it as a philosophical/theological question. There are other Forums on PF to ask that type of question.
    Yes you will find threads here on these subjects.
    Who indeed?

    Keep asking the questions - though they will be probably better one at a time. :smile:

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. Its nice to be a part of a polite forum for a change. :smile:
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    arent the laws of the universe that everything evolves, everything spins/moves in circles and everything seeks a minimum energy configuration?
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