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News The Russian Problems

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    For once, I almost agree with Ben-Ariel. (Zero, I think I need my medication now...)

    Russia does have, in my mind, a number of problems right now.

    (1) The questionable activity regarding the forthcoming elections - one party crushed, another opponent imprisioned...

    (2) The lack of justice in some cases. Russia does appear to be making a step in the totalitarian direction, of late.

    (3) The continued crisis in Chechnya, which is serving to radicalise both sides. Soon, negotiation may be impossible, and we may really get another Israel-Palestine situation.

    Any idea of a solution? Can Putin handle it, or does he have to go? Can the US exert any postive pressure to resolve Russia's turmoils? Discuss.
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    One problem you forgot to mention was that Russia is losing people. Russian Women on average bear 1.2 children each. To maintain population, women need to bear atleast 2.01 children. Also, emmigration is also crippling russia's population. This will is creating a HUGE problem in the economy. If you have the time, Read Pat Buchanan's prophetic book: Death of the West. It has some very scary statistics. In it he predicts that a middle east coalition and china will engulf siberia and that russia will be pushed back east of the Urals where Russia will become a totalitarian state.
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    I need to read this book. I seem to be the resident China conspiracy theorist :eek:
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