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The scholarship ?

  1. May 3, 2007 #1
    the scholarship ??????????

    Hi every body i want to aske about the scholarship ,is the age related to the scholarship? suppose my age is 30 year and i want to go to america to study thier.:rolleyes:
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    Which scholarship?
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    I think he means just in general.

    Scholarships do not depends on your age per se. They, for the most part, depends on what you come into college as ie freshman, sophomore junior or senior. They also depends on how well your gpa was during course work and previous school work such as high school or cc.

    However, since you are consider a non-traditional student, there are a lot of special scholarships offered. The requirements are different but i know of a few that just require you to be non-traditional.
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    Ok what do you mean by a non-traditional student? & i asked about scholarships which give to students to studing in University such as MIT, STANFORD,BERKELEY ...etc please don't Laugh about my words,i want to study in American Universities Even if have to be take a Secondary Certificate again with a high degrees ,i want to study in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science college,my age now 23 years&i'm not american so the fees is too much so i hope to take a scholarship & i asked about age because i'm not between 17-22 the age of University Students and i want to go to America or Canada if i Accepted after 3-4 years please i want alot of idea about scholarship
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    There is an extremely limited number of undergraduate financial assistance to international student. You do not qualify for the usual financial aid package or loans made to most US citizens and permanent residents. The schools also tend to not give their financial aids to international students. The few awards available to international students at some schools are mainly private grants given for specific groups.

    The overwhelming majority of undergraduate international students either pay for their own education, or receive scholarships from their home government, home institutions, or some private entities in their home country. Unless you can secure one of these aids, your chances of getting one here in the US is extremely small to non-existent.

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    thanxxxxxxxxx ZapperZ
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    ok guys,it seems to me that the scholarship in America & Canada its very difficult ...what about studing in Sweden or Germany. Especially, i Heard that studying in Germany is Inexpensive so, do you have any idea about the studying in there or scholarship ?
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