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The Science of Knowledge Management?

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    Although this "question" in the subject heading may seem somewhat academic at first sight, its consideration and reflection I believe is a very useful one for those wishing to be successful in their knowledge management (KM) activities or indeed their knowledge work.

    Is knowledge management a science? How should we define it? These questions may look simple but are not so easy to answer for both individuals and the collective. How can we apply the scientific method in a constructive way to knowledge management activities such as successfully managing communities of practice, transforming community of practice activity to community of innovation activity, or building next generation IT systems for the more successful support of knowledge management activities such as organisational culture transformation, innovation, change management, collaboration, sustainable trust between stakeholders, and leadership transparency?

    I spent time together with Marco Bettoni in Basel last week and he sent me a copy of a recent paper which discusses a radical constructivist approach to KM and also develops this thinking into useful practical guidance for both community managers, those developing IT support solutions for KM and in fact I believe anyone involved in KM, innovation, scientific discovery, informatics etc. I have blogged some commentary which includes using physics as a scientific method example and a download link to Marco Bettoni's paper at: (Link to blog removed by Moonbear)
    Hope you enjoy the read and I welcome comments and discussions!

    best regards
    Barry Hardy
    (Personal contact information removed by Moonbear)
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