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The Science of Magic (Seeking Help)

  1. Apr 23, 2010 #1
    I'm the head of a small video game group which creates visual novel style video games. We are developing a magic rich world in which our games will be set and we would like the "magic" in our game world to be plausible given the established rules of particle physics However, our group consists mostly of Computer Science majors who have taken just enough physics classes to know that everything we've thought of so far makes absolutely no sense...

    So far, the best we've come up with is that magic is the result of a subatomic particle which behaves much the same as an electron unless a magic user casts a spell in which case the electron causes it's atom and any surrounding atoms to exhibit abnormal behavior such as teleportation, state change, or even ejecting protons and neutrons in order to change the atom from one material to another.

    We have a bit more detail than this but this is all I can post publicly due to project confidentiality.

    We're looking for someone with much greater physics knowledge than us who would be willing to advise our group and help us correct our magic rule set. This is a non-paying advisory position. However, compensation would be provided in the form of free copies of any game which uses this magic system. If interested, please send an e-mail with your credentials to: kuroi@kuroigames.com

    Thanks in advance,
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