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The science of visions

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    Hi everyone, I would like to share this with you and for the first time, I've never talk about it before to any one, cause people may think that I'm crazy –well most of them-. That's why I'd prefer to talk to you guys who may understand this or may have or think of reasons for it.
    (I will talk about my self and I'm sure there are others like me, hopefully I wouldn't like to be odd:uhh:)

    Here's the situation, I SEE VISIONS, yes not dreams while sleeping but during the day, while working, watching the TV or what ever. Maybe this is natural, but the problem is most of what I see is something that will happen in the future (mine or somehow I'm involve in it) in a week, a month or maybe after years!!

    Also this may be natural, you can say that because I think of my future a lot so my unconscious make me see what I think of!

    BUT the core of this talking is these visions I had became true! most of them if not all.
    E.g. I remember when I was 12 or something like that, I was at home busy doing something I don't know exactly what and suddenly I saw this vision, that I'm in the UK (which wasn't my place that time and never visited before), it was daylight and I was chopping an onion in the kitchen, helping my mother finishing dinner. That's it, I remember that I laughed and said "what would bring me there?" of course I didn't know that place was in the UK, just that this was –the place- something unfamiliar and unexpected. After 3 yrs we moved to the UK and guess what

    It didn't happen!

    Just joking:biggrin:, any way it happened exactly the same way I saw it, the place, the time and the people every thing was precisely as seen. It's like watching a movie and watch the same movie after a while.

    That is one, as I said most of these visions became true, rarely not so. Another surprising thing, few of them I can control them or at least control the ending part of the vision after it happened, I mean… an example is better:

    One vision I had was about a discussion I had with my brothers and sisters that ends up with a fight and swearing blab…
    Of course it happened, meanwhile I remember I was saying to myself she will speak next, then he will say that, and they did. But when it comes to me –I mean my tern to talk or join- I change my words and I try to make them laugh and it worked (although not all the time I can speak any different than what I do in my vision, some times I can't. don't ask why cause I don't know).

    I do ask my family about it, but some says they see in their dreams things or situations might come true or the same.
    Also I talk to my supervisor at my university about it and she explained it as an electromagnetic waves that can be received from a cretin place in the brain, you may not believe this but she says that those waves are ANGELS!! or something like that I don’t remember exactly.
    She, uses a fact that angels are made of light and light is an em wave.
    She is a religious person also very smart –had her PHD in France and her subject was about the waves of the sun light and the effect of them in our bodies or something- . She also says don't talk about it or you will lose this GIFT.
    Never mentioned that she sees the same but in a different way, she told me once that she was reading a book in a bus, and she look at the road then closed here eyes and still see the same road with the same cars, people.. like her vision happen in a sec later or something. I guess this might be interesting to some of you or boring, but I'd like to here something really scientific, or what science have to do with it?
    I mean people from different nations could explain this their way depends on their cultures, but lets see what do you got:blushing:.
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    I have no idea. Maybe you're four-dimensional!
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    Natural? What else would it be? Manmade?

    This sounds akin to deja vu.

    Uh huh, yeah, this thread is about to be locked.

    I don't know what type of neuroresearcher she is supposed to be.

    Right! It's only there if no body knows about it!

    Nothing yet!
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    Yes, she is very smart indeed. Why did you not take her advice.
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    Try writing down these visions as you have them. See how accurate they appear to be after that.

    Oh, and your supervisors advice seems unbalanced. Try asking her for evidence of the existence and nature of angels. Be prepared for a LONG lecture with no substance.
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    Mk, dontdisturbmycircles, you are judging her thoughts rather than mine, read the title please
    "what science have to do with visions"
    if you have any comments about it please tell.
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    I actually asked her and I had a headache after that, any how that's not the point her again this was her openion, but I wanna know if any one read about similar thing explained by science or they themselves see so.
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    There is a chance that the memory of the previous viewing is a false memory. In other words, it is possible that after you experience something your minds creates a fictional memory of having viewed it before as if watching a movie. I think this is possible. Therefore, I agree with Huckleberry that you should write down all the "visions" you can remember which haven't happened yet, and see if they come to pass as you "saw" them.
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    I'm not sure anyone here can help you even if they wanted to. Though I find it a fascinating subject, I don't know of any scientific evidence to support precognition. It makes great science fiction, but there are no facts to support it.

    All I can say is to test it. Keep a journal of these visions and see how accurate the results are. I'm guessing that you won't be able to write them down because you only realize you had them at the moment when the prediction comes true. This is only deja vu, not some supernatural form of precognition.

    Do some research on deja vu.
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    It's not deja vu, which is a feeling only, and has no visual component. It might be a simultaneous deja vu and false memory created at the same time, but that would be unusual. People who have a lot of deja vu's often get the feeling they know what is going to happen next, but it is only a feeling, and not the memory of having watched it like watching a movie. That latter experience, watching the future as if watching a movie, is pretty much what Nostrodamus experienced and wrote down. Unfortunately, his writings are so vague it's impossible to tell if his visions were at all accurate.
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    yes and no, yes it's as you discribed it. and no for saying it's not accurate, it is accurate what happened after to my vision as a picture, voices, everything is exactly the same.
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    I said we can't tell if NOSTRODAMUS is accurate.

    We could tell if YOU are accurate if you post tomorrow's newpaper headlines here today, for instance.
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    what about you guys, haven't you heared of somthing similar?
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    vision interpretation

    There is a science devoted to transcendant experiences. Surat Shabd. A more western approach would be found in; Experiment in Depth, by P.W. Martin. Here is a little.

    Write your visions, dreams. Interpret. Dictionary of Symbols by j.e. Cirlot.

    Hone your abilities. Concentration; An Approach To Meditation by Ernest Wood.

    Keep a written journal.
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    As of now science cannot explain consciousness/awareness, ESP, precognation.... perhaps in the future we may be able to, provided people like you are willing to come forward with your experiences. May be you could get in touch thru the net with people doing research in these areas. As has been mentioned earlier keep a detailed record of your visions and compare them with the actual events. Good Luck!!!!!
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    I would read up on Dean Radin and Remote Viewing- this was a multi-decade research project conducted by the US Defence Dept-
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    The remote viewers offer courses for dollars.

    I sadly neglected the most important advice. Get a teacher you can touch and talk to on a regular basis. Choose carefully. Experience is always available, but brutal. A true teacher will not take money. He/she will be able to co-ordinate your inner and outer experiences.

    The path will require you to "do" after some basic reading.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Science doesn't have to explain ESP or precognition because there is no realiable scientific evidence that needs explaining.

    It is okay to discuss personal experiences, but we have to remember where the line between science and pseudoscience lies. We do not promote unscientific explanations, principles, or methods here. There are plenty of other forums on the net for that sort of thing.

    If this gets any deeper into pseudoscience, the thread will be locked.
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    Yes. Remote viewing is pseudoscience. Perhaps this is more a psychology science topic. That was my approach.
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    And just what may I ask, in your esteemed oponion does science have to explain?

    There is no "realiable scientific evidence" because people like your self are not willing to even consider such phenomena as science. Here is a person who claims to have a certain experience and you dismiss it as "pseudoscience". I assume in your oponion it was just a flight of fancy of some whacko individual :uhh:

    There are certain people who consider Quantum mech. and relativity as the holy grail of science and any phenomena not within their frame work are not worth considering.

    I do agree that these two theories do best explain the world around us but thats just what they are: theories which work very well within their frame work but are inadequate when it comes to the completre picture.

    You cannot restrict science within a comfortable little boundry...... if you do you put an end to all scientific progress and discovery.
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    So tell me, when was the last time you actually saw "scientific progress" first hand?

    Scientific progress, if you must know, starts from well-verified and reproducible observations. In other words, when something is discovered, while it may be uncertain, vague, and unknown in the beginning, as more and more tests of different kinds are done, the phenomenon becomes more well-know, better characterized, and better quantified. This is the sign of a valid phenomenon. Don't believe me? Try looking at the history of ALL of the verified phenomena that we have today, ranging from superconductivity, the quark model, BE condensates, etc.. etc. There is a progression of knowledge of the phenomenon, whereby after a few years beyond the initial discovery, we no longer question the existence of that phenomenon, but rather how to properly describe all of its properties.

    Can the same be said about the various pseudosciences such as ESP? How long do you think such a concept has been claimed to exist? More than 100 years? Yet, what do we currently have here? There is still the issue on whether such a thing even exist! Read Bob Park's book "Voodoo Science" and you tell me if you are actually gullible enough to believe some of the claims made regarding the existence of this phenomenon. In other words, after such a long time since such a thing has been claimed to exist, ESP is still struggling to established that it exist. Forget about trying to understand and quantify it. It still cannot get out of first base!

    Now, since you make such proclamation about "scientific progress", why don't you tell me where there is such a similar history to anything we know about in science?

    As a friendly advice, you should know that this forum is populated not just by amateurs, but also by scientists, mathematicians, engineers, etc. from many different areas of study. In other words, many of us actually work in these field of studies that you may simply dabble in for fun. So you may want to consider next time before making such claims and accusation that some of us actually practice such things and may in fact are more familiar with how things are actually done, such as in the issue of "scientific progress". So don't be too quick to make accusation of some hindering some "scientific progress" simply based on what your perceived idea of what it is.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    For the record, I think there may be something to precognition and some claims of ESP, but, as Zapper said, we have no repeatable scientific evidence to suport this notion.

    This certainly shouldn't be taken as a slight against those who honestly claim to experience such things, but anecdotes, however compelling they may be at times, are not scientific evidence.

    On the flip side, I think it is important that people have a place to share their stories, and for this we have S&D. But to consider anecdotes does not mean that we toss out basic scientific principles [the requirement for repeatable scientific evidence] that have proven to be tremendously successful.
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    From your replies guys, It seems those sort of things "visions and like so" has no scientific explanation. Although, I appreciate all your concerns and comments wither it's good or - - - , but at least you should agree with me that it opens a door to the future and if science can reach it, we then can tell the future once we need to know about it!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    There are scientific explanations that one might consider, but none that would allow that these visions are actually visions of the future. The mind is a complicated thing that can even fool itself sometimes.

    However, we are in no position to deny your claim either. We can only say that at this time, nothing within the realm of science could account for true visions; we have no scientific basis to believe it possible, and it has never been shown under controlled conditions that visions can be genuine.
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    Instrument resolution and understanding of "will" prevent much objective work. Subjective research is as close to you as, well, yourself. Possible that a firm idea is pursued to its' objective reality. Look at inventors. Could be you cause the fullfillment.
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