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The Scientific Miracles

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    I am astonished to know that Quran contains unbelievable scientific facts discovered just in the last century.

    This is really amazing.

    · Astronomy!
    · Mountains!
    · Human Embryology!
    · Oceans And Seas!
    · The Movement Of Clouds!
    · The Cerebrum!
    · The Shape Of The Earth!
    · The Expansion Of The Universe!
    · The Sensory Characteristic Of The Skin!
    · Formation Of Iron!
    · The Lowest Part On The Face Of The Earth!
    · The Sequence Of Day And Night!
    · The Snow Age!
    · New Diseases!
    · Cnn Top Ten Discoveries Of 1998

    You can find more info of the Scientists Declaration on the following sites:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    If you can PM me one credible scientific paper to support this post I will open it again. I have deleted all but the one link as religious propoganda. Religious discussion are not allowed.

    We look forward to additional supporting information.
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