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The Scientific Miracles

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    I’m not a religious but astonished to know that Quran contains unbelievable scientific facts discovered just in the last century.

    This is really amazing.

    · Astronomy!
    · Mountains!
    · Human Embryology!
    · Oceans And Seas!
    · The Movement Of Clouds!
    · The Cerebrum!
    · The Shape Of The Earth!
    · The Expansion Of The Universe!
    · The Sensory Characteristic Of The Skin!
    · Formation Of Iron!
    · The Lowest Part On The Face Of The Earth!
    · The Sequence Of Day And Night!
    · The Snow Age!
    · New Diseases!
    · Cnn Top Ten Discoveries Of 1998

    You can find more info of the Scientists Declaration on the following site:

    Scientists Declaration
    ·****** Keith L.Moore
    ·****** E. Marshall Johnson
    ·****** T.V.N. Persaud
    ·****** Joe Leigh Simpson
    ·****** Gerald C. Goeringer
    ·****** Alfred Kroner
    ·****** Yushidi Kusan
    ·****** Professor Armstrong
    ·****** William Hay
    ·****** Durja Rao
    ·****** Professor Siaveda
    ·****** Tejatat Tejasen
    ·****** Dr. Maurice Bucaille

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    No, it doesn't. And religious topics are not allowed here.
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    Salem, I respect your questions. But, take another look and be objective. The people you quote are not scientists. They tailor bad theories around bad science and use religious robes to hide the flaws. No true scientist would fear an honest question about their theories, or question your motives for asking them.
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    Chronos is correct, and we no longer allow religious discussions.
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