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The scoreboard

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    No competition is really complete without a good scoreboard. Here's a couple of links tallying the current standings based on recent polls.



    If you don't like the standings in one, just try the other. They almost never agree.

    If you don't like either, try it tomorrow. The standings are sure to swing wildly.

    For my 2 cents worth: Kerry 270 to 268 - If he wins Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Florida is the only state Kerry can take from Bush in the event he loses one or more of the above states.

    Could Colorado really be a toss-up state? There's a couple of districts that have gone heavily Democratic, but the idea the election might wind up being a toss-up is still hard to take seriously.

    Edit: This should have gone in Politics and World Affairs. I must have backed out too far before posting.
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    USA needs urgently Swarchzeneeger (wrote his name correct?) for president. He will get over all, and restore justice all over the world, fighting against T-1000. :rofl:

    He is your man, american people :surprised .
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