The secret of antigravitational flight, as told by ETs (please review)

In summary, a contactee claims to have received a message from an ET about a supposed secret of antigravitational flight. The message talks about a neutral energy field and the possibility of modulating frequencies to create controlled dense energy. However, the lack of scientific evidence and proper structure of the paper suggests that this is likely just a hoax.
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The secret of antigravitational flight, as told by ETs

In an UFO forum, where I´m the resident skeptic, some one gave me this contactee message, given to him by a ET, that is some kind of Physics unknown to humanity, and that is the secret of antigravitational flight.

I know almost nothing more than school grade physics, but this message stills sounds to me like a piece of s**t.

He is so sure that is real (every nut is) that we both agreed to expose it to REAL phycisists scrutiny. It was "given" in spanish, and I translated the best I could, but just in case I'll post my translation and the original in spanish.

Here it is:

The following message would correspond to a contact telepathic of the sensitive Carlos Zelaya, made in the presence of the “well-known”(by his mother at tea time) investigator of Argentina Juan A. Lobaczewsky (Engineer graduated in Europe, the area of mechanics and metalúrgics). It was published by him in "Prolegómenos of Cosmic Science", Ed. Foundation Third Millenium, Bs. Airs, 1981, 281p.:

Date: 14-11-71 Place: Beccar and Victoria

"Absolute Energy and its manifestations.
In the existing space between an atom of matter and another one of antimatter, is a wide spectrum of Magnetic Electrodynamic Variation, in which are present certain neutral states:

released energy --------> energy in contraction

where P.N.E.: neutral plane of atomic bio-power balance

In the intermediate plane there are atoms with a concentric energy in compression and a compensating unloading or discharge in the nucleus. Despite his loads and anti-loads, they release an energy of N * 238 with respect to that atom, of well-known nature.

The released energies: the one of matter and the one of antimatter, they balance in the neutral planes, that are not other thing that atoms of antimatter in transition and precipitated to the world of the dense manifestations.

From this game of energies it is possible to take what we would call Absolute Energy, that is: within a Neutral field, two opposed pieces excited to the Natural frequency, that in the balance plane form a total power source, that can be modulated from the exciters:

Exciter ------> field of production of greater frequency <------ Exciter

These statements give you and ideo of the range of frecuencies that can be modulated and treated as ANTIGRAVITATIONAL element, creating CONTROLLED DENSE ENERGY with great gain of PHOTODINÁMICS..

When a field releases a frequency of Z**2 + 3M/weight of M (gravity on mass), when the mass is accelerated within the frequency of gravitational absorption, it releases an equal energy; from which increasing the frequency of the mass, accelerates the same one and diminishes its weight.

Therefore: M x fM/ gravitational force

When the mass releases 238 times its frequency in resonance with the energy of itself, as a product of two OPPOSED FIELDS, this mass enters which we called another dimension."
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And the spanish original:

..., el siguiente mensaje correspondería a un contacto telepático del sensitivo Carlos A. Zelaya, realizado con la presencia del conocido investigador argentino Juan A. Lobaczewsky (Ingeniero diplomado en europa, en el área de mecánica y metalúrgia). Fue publicado por él en "Prolegómenos de la Ciencia Cósmica", Ed. Fundación Tercer Milenio, Bs. Aires, 1981, 281p.:

Fecha: 14-11-71 Lugar: Beccar y Victoria

"Energía absoluta y sus manifestaciones.
En el espacio existente entre un átomo de materia y otro de antimateria, se encuentra un amplio espectro de Variación Electrodinámica Magnética, en la cual se representan ciertos estados neutros:
energía liberada --------> energía en contracción

donde P.N.E.: plano neutro de equilibrio bio-energético atómico

En el plano intermedio existen átomos con una energía concéntrica en compresión y una descarga de compensación en el núcleo. No obstante sus cargas y contracargas, liberan una energía de N * 238 con respecto al atomo de materia conocida.
Las energías liberadas: la de materia y la de antimateria, se equilibran en los planos neutros, que no son otra cosa que átomos de antimateria en transición y precipitados al mundo de las manifestaciones densas.

De este juego de energías se puede tomar lo que llamaríamos Energía Absoluta, o sea: dentro de un campo Neutro, dos porciones de opuestos excitados en la frecuencia Natural, que en el plano de equilibrio forman una fuente energética total, que se puede modular desde los excitadores:

Excitador ------> campo de producción de frecuencia mayor <------ Excitador

Estos enunciados os dan una pauta sobre el juego de frecuencias que se pueden modular y tratar como elemento antigravitacional, formando ENERGÍA DENSA CONTROLADA con gran ganancia de FOTODINÁMICA...

Cuando un campo libera una frecuencia de Z**2 + 3M / peso de M (gravedad sobre masa), cuando la masa se acelera dentro de la frecuencia de absorción gravitatoria, libera una energía igual; de allí que aumentando la frecuencia de la masa, se acelera la misma y disminuye su peso.
Por lo tanto: M x fM / F. gravitatoria

Cuando la masa libera 238 veces su frecuencia en resonancia con la energía de sí misma en producto de dos CAMPOS OPUESTOS, esta masa entra en lo que llamamos otra dimensión."
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yeah that is definately bs.
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So he hears voices in his head and thinks its telepathy? Psychologists have another name for it...
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I hate to say that it is total BS but whoever this guy is that wrote the paper he isn't much of a scientist. A surefire way to see if something is just a load or if it has some merrit is to take a look at the structure of the paper. Any decent scientist (and some not so decent ones) should know how to write a paper with a hypothesis and evidence or at least some research to back it up. Generally the hokey ones are just papers where the authors proceed to tell you how the Universe works and not bother to reference anything like the 300+ years of modern physical science. If you are going to say some crazy stuff then at least start with first priciples (basically you start from the ground up)and/or some axioms. Anyone can put a bunch of stuff on paper but only someone who is real (not full of crappola) will bother to explain why such and such is such and such. There is plenty of that everywhere just watch a couple of late night infomercials.

That is not to say that someone can't come along and rewrite the models most physicists hold near and dear (its happened before) but he/she won't convince anyone by just saying "this is the way it is even though I have no reference to anything and won't tell how I arrived at these conclusions but if you don't listen then you aren't very smart." Not too start trouble but you can see it here (although there was a lot more before Greg did the whole restructuring thing here).
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“well-known”(by his mother at tea time) investigator of Argentina Juan A. Lobaczewsky

By his mother at tea time! LMAO!
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Thank you all, for your opinions. They are all very helpful for me.

About the "tea time"-thing, it is a chilean saying. When someone poses as a divo, but nobody cares/knows him, we say "Yeah, he is very famous. He is well known, by his mother at lunch"

Greetings from Chile

What is antigravitational flight?

Antigravitational flight is the ability to manipulate gravity in order to achieve flight without the use of traditional propulsion methods such as jet engines or rockets. It is believed to be a highly advanced technology that is currently beyond our understanding.

Who are the ETs and how do they know about antigravitational flight?

ETs, or extraterrestrials, are beings that are believed to originate from other planets or galaxies. They are said to have advanced technology and knowledge, including the secret of antigravitational flight. It is not known how they acquired this knowledge, but some believe they have been observing and studying Earth for a long time.

What is the secret of antigravitational flight?

The exact secret of antigravitational flight is unknown, as it is a closely guarded secret by the ETs. However, it is believed to involve the manipulation of gravity through advanced technology or possibly even the use of consciousness and thought.

Can humans achieve antigravitational flight?

Currently, humans do not possess the technology or knowledge to achieve antigravitational flight. However, there are ongoing research and studies in the field of gravity manipulation and it is possible that we may one day discover the secret to antigravitational flight.

Why haven't the ETs shared the secret of antigravitational flight with humans?

There are various theories as to why the ETs have not shared the secret of antigravitational flight with humans. Some believe they are waiting for us to reach a certain level of technological advancement, while others think they may have concerns about how we would use this technology. It is also possible that they have shared this knowledge with select individuals or governments, but it has been kept secret from the general public.

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