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The Secret on how men can attract women

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    There is so much baloney that people write and say about how men can get women to feel attracted to them. I have seen and heard so called pick up artists argue this ad nauseum. Male pick up artists all say: It's all about confidence. This is such baloney. Whoever heard of a woman who said that she values confidence in a man above all else? I haven't. I have seen books for men about how to attract women. I have heard of seminars that men attend to learn how to attract women. It is all so silly.

    Here is the real secret for men on how to attract women: Be tall.

    Ask any woman what she wants in a man and height tops the list. Women don't say they want a man who is confident, dark, and handsome. Women say they want a man who is tall, dark, and handsome.
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    My dad and both grandfathers were shorter than me. They were 5' 7'' or less, and all three found wives and their marriages lasted 50+ years. My parents are working toward 60 years of marriage, and they were engaged for about 6 or 7 years before they married, so they've been together more than 60 years.

    I think women prefer men who a sincere/honest, kind, thoughtful, somewhat handsome, and confident.
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    Even the handsome part is optional.
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    I think the "attraction" part is optional. Makes for much cheaper nights at the club if your a guy. It's just a bit lonelier afterwards.
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    Having confidence and social skills can lead to an interesting and enjoyable conversation, which helps push things along :wink:
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    Earn more mony.

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    I think I have no idea what attracts women in general but sanity, stability, and kindness go a long way in maintaining a long term relationship with a sane, kind, and stable woman. I see a lot of threads on what it takes to attract women though, so maybe this long term relationship thing doesn't really apply.
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    I've heard it being included in girls' top 3 things a couple of times. One girl in particular that I thought I liked in college was very fervent about it.
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    There's also the divergence between what women want and what women SAY they want ;)
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    Could not agree more.
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    The problem with women is that they have a macroscopic uncertainty principle, their [itex] \hbar[/itex] is of the order of the meter, so no classical mechanics for you, and don't try perturbative methods neither.
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    Oh for the love of...do people seriously believe there are some magical set of minor characteristics that half the population can't help but be attracted to? It's not that difficult people:

    1 - women are just as diverse as men in what they find attractive

    2 - there are many traits that the majority of people find attractive but there is no trait that is universally liked all by itself

    Think of what you are attracted to. The odds are most women are attracted to the same thing.
    And there isn't in men?
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    Nopes. There is not.
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    Lets not play into TV Sitcom stereotypes. I think Ryan's post gave the final blow to the thread assuming the OP's post was actually serious and not in a joking fashion.
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    Its very coincidental that that TV Sitcom stereotype also applies in real life.
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    It's true for men, too, of course, but more importantly there's a difference between what people think they think is attractive and what they'll actually end up being attracted to, the problem being that most people don't know themselves or other people well enough to accurately predict. You may think you are not attracted to people with x characteristic only to find an instance of someone with this characteristic you are inexplicably attracted to.

    There's a certain point in people's development when they are trying to define their own identity. Part of that usually includes trying to define a type they're attracted to. A large percentage of women include "tall" in the characteristics they 'find attractive' mostly, I'm convinced, because most of the other women are saying it. If you actually pay attention to which men are getting dates and girlfriends it includes the whole range of heights, and you'll also see a lot of tall, awkward, shy men wandering around with no women. Tall is attractive or not depending on how a guy 'wears' it, so to speak, and it all comes back to personality. Tall, edgy, nervous, insecure guys do no better than short, edgy, nervous, insecure guys.
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    Bear in mind that the vast majority of 'intimate' relationships fail. More than 50% of marriages fail, and a much greater percentage of bf-gf relationships fail (most people have several intimate relationships before marriage, and apparently, the average American is married 2 or 3 times).

    So it appears that the majority settle for what's available, and attraction seems to wear off for most relationships.
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    :rofl: yes this is extremely attractive :!!)
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    I really should follow my own advice! :tongue2:
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