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The semi-dimension time and fraction dimensions

  1. Dec 11, 2003 #1

    To begin with, thank a pubil and that puzzle divided by zero.
    What is the dimension concept? One dimension is a close simple curve or to spred non limit far away in both directions, the universe time dimension only one side to spread straight far away. It is a semi-dimension time, and the space-time is three and half dimensions. There is a fraction dimensions trouble, specially, some physical progress long is limited, as heavy string progress and so on. It is a fraction dimension progress, it isn't high degree dimensions progress.
    About fraction dimensions, how many is the accurate in fraction dimension , for example , one meter and one mile, it is a hard question.
    One concept is unit dimension circle, to reference a u-d circle by a group rule to calculate the fraction dimension value.
    As the fraction dimension is a new object. To say wrong words is meanless. What is right rule system in fraction dimension ? The dimension way is far away still.
    In another semi-dimension time, it is straight on far away or curred everywhere, the fact isn't review by some experiment. Fraction dimension is to say bye with experiment. What is a right way ? perhaps to catch some result by a special net is a way.
    In a feasible reverse progress, the time is parted both direction and it is feasible reverse at the progress betinning and to beginning is freedom. If a progress is to front , the time diretion is fixed.
    One dimension time is with a feasible reverse progress, it is as freedom or uncertain. So short one dimension time.

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