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The significance of the speed of light as a fundamental constant

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    The Doctrine of Wave particle Duality with its theories of the disassociation of particles (i.e the ability of particles possessing both dimensions and mass to be in two places simultaneously) leads in a logical succession of ideas to the “Many Worlds Theory”. This theory could be considered to be the modern day equivalent of the ancient Greek epicurean school of thought , it advocates a philosophy in which experience of life is taken to its logical limit. Thus it envisions a literally infinite number of Universes , wherein all possible experiences are played out. Thus in one Universe Hitler would have been defeated in the Second World War , in another Universe he would have won , and so on . In support of this theory is the fact that it is probably possible to create on computers a virtual reality program in which it is feasible to enter an environment in which one can experience a world in which it is possible to travel faster than light.
    Depending on the hardware and the authenticity of the programming it would give an acceptably tactile simulation of a world in which it is possible to travel faster than light. Yet , and entering now into the philosophical realm , when one steps out of the simulator we are faced with the actuality that in the real world nothing can in fact travel faster than light. For if it were possible to travel faster than light , life would immediately cease. Time and spatial differences would be obliterated . Which leads to the interesting conclusion that our Universe is more about the spiritual than it is about the physical. It would be immaterial to an insensate object whether time or space existed , time and space only make sense in the context of the mind.
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