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The Sixth Dimension

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    Ok, so I'm new to this message board and I'm only in 10th grade so please bere with me. So being from a small town I've decided to take on a big project and write a research paper on the Sixth Dimension. Here is my understanding of the dimensions so far:
    Zeroth Dimension= a point, consisting of only a location.
    First Dimension= a line, consisting of only length.
    Second Dimension= consisting of only length and width.
    Third Dimension= consisting of only length, width and heigth.
    Forth Dimension= consisting of only length, width, and heigth over a distance.
    Fifth Dimension= consisting of only length, width, and heigth over a distance in infinite repitition.
    Sixth Dimension= (as I understand) consists of length, width, and heigth over a distance in infinite repitition going out in every direction from itself.

    If I'm wrong on any of these please correct me. Also, if we were to put ourselves in the Sixth Dimension would we be able to fork the universe with our decisions to the choices we have?
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    where do these dimensions stop? i mean what determines their size?
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    Some people believe there are an infinite number of dimensions, as for there size I don't know what determines that. Please try to answere my question.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Length, height, and width are the first three dimensions. Time is usually considered to be the forth dimension. Higher dimensions are predicted by String Theory but we don't know if this theory is correct. Some people even argue that it doesn't and might never qualify as true theory of science because it may not be "falsifiable".

    I suggest that you watch this:

    Note: You are welcome to ask questions, that's why we're here, but it is against the forum rules to post personal theories.

    If you want to learn about science this is a good place to start. :smile:
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    you being too general. here how i think it could work, we exist on planes that have to fold over at some point, each plane is like one face on a hedron that is a perfect sphere. still you need a starting point and a known size. so anyway how do you fork a sphere? i guess that depends what it's made of.
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    Are you basing all of this on string theory's assumptions?
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