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Homework Help: The size of

  1. Sep 16, 2004 #1


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    I need help with a very simple problem. Here it is:

    8. [2pt] Match the object with the size scale.
    (E.g., if the first corresponds to B, and the others to C, enter BCCCCC)
    1) Thickness of a window pane.
    2) Diameter of a twig.
    3) Diameter of a proton.
    4) Diameter of a hair.
    5) Size of an oil molecule
    6) Size of a robin.

    A. 1e-1 m (decimeter)
    B. 1e-9 m
    C. 1e-2 m (centimeter)
    D. 1e-15 m
    E. 1e-4 m (tenth of a millimeter)
    F. 1e-3 m (millimeter)

    Note that you can put in N, meaning "none of the above"

    Now, what I have so far is:
    CFDBBA (incorrect)

    I have 20 tries on an automated system for this, but I wasted 10 when I thought you could only put a letter once, and 9 more thinking there were no Ns. Any help?
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    4 is definitely E (not B) : hair is usually 50 to 100 microns in diameter.

    I'd try CFDEBA and if that fails, CCDEBA (you can have thick twigs)
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    Chi Meson

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    Windowpane, proton and molecule are correct.

    a twig could be either cm or mm, I think that one is unfair, but you get to try both.
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    I have one try left. :surprised
    Make that 0 tries left.
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