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The sky is falling down on me

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    :yuck: there is a terrible problem with me , my younger brother ask me a question that I had tried my best to think but it's too difficult for me , he say if in fact it happens , we sit on a chair anh wait to die ?:rofl:

    There is a country has 3 cities , the true city , lie city and intelligent city , the people go to another city to make friends , for selling or buying ,by looking we can't know who and who .........

    1.the people at true city always tell true,
    2.the people at lie city always tell lies,
    3.the people at true city when tell true, when tell lies

    A businessman goes to this country , he wants to know where true city ,lies city , intelligent city , to do some important work , all that he can do is crying

    So please , can you help him ? :yuck:

    Have a happy No-en :!!)
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    This is a classic Dungeons and Dragons question. Why wouldn't you ask one person at lie city and a few persons at intelligent city and then see what awnser is the same as the one you were given at lie city, and then you could conclude which one is the true awnser. But then again that's simple for that sort of question, so I guess it's irrelevant.
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    I don't think the answer is easy, we don't know who lie , who true person or city , the people live at 3 cities go to every where at 3 cities, if you are at this situation , what you will do

    Think carefully,

    Fisrt looking , it is easy .

    But after you think careful , it is really difficult
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    I would look for road sighns but that is how I solve all my problems, with loop holes
  6. Dec 15, 2005 #5
    Please tell me who can answer this question

    Please tell me where I can ask for the answer , I don't know much web about math
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    I assume it would be solvable by some combination of iffs (if and only if) or "if I asked you X, what would you say" type questions. Not having heard the question before, I don't understand the rules. "at" in 1. and 2. could mean "living at" or "currently at", 3. I'm not even sure what it might mean. Also, there is no mention of what people living in and/or currently in intelligent city does.

    For several instances, asking "If I asked you if this is True City, what would you answer?" would work - it would get a solid Yes from truthsayers and liers alike in True city and No elsewhere (repeat for others). If the people from Intelligent City does something else, it might be more complicated but until it's known what they do I'm not sure.
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    Though I am also interested in what the Intelligence City has to do with this puzzle, I think I have another solution.

    Find someone in any city who answers "Liar City", when asked "What would the people in the other city, who originate from there, say if I asked them what city I am in?". The liars would never admit that you are in Liar City, and the truthsayers would not say that either, so when someone answers like that, you know you've found a liar. Then you just ask the liar what city he/she originates from, and that will be Truth City.

    In fact, you know what, even simpler: Just ask someone if they can speak or not. That will tell you right away if they're a liar or not.

    Again, I think this is only a partial answer, please tell us more about Intelligence City. Thanks!
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