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The smallest particle ever!

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    Any guesses about the smallest particle in this universe that would be discovered in the time to come.

    What would it be made of in turn?

    Can there be an end to this?

    If there is an end, how can the origin of the particle, which is composed of no other entity (be it matter, wave, etc.) be explained?
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    Well, electrons and quarks are point particles. They don't really exist as in 'have a set size', the do however need to be kept within the Plank length. That's so unimaginably small though and I don't even think we have any devices which can see that small. I may of course be mistaken.
    I'm not even sure if physicist can imagine a quark. Imagining a electron would be difficult for the average person. You can try to think of a electron, while acting as a particle, just assume it's the size of a proton but it's close to 2000x lighter. However it has wave-like properties so it's quite difficult.

    I do think that there is an end to this in theory. Can't get any smaller than a Plank length by uncertainty principal, and we're already there. How can they be explained? With very complicated maths and scientific concepts.

    I'm no physicist mind you so if any of the scientists on here want to slap me on my head for what I wrote go right ahead :tongue:
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    If string theory is ever confirmed, I'd say the smallest will be a point !
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