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The Solar Neutrino Problem

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    hello everyone,

    what is the solar neutrino problem ?
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    Meir Achuz

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    The SNP was the fact that fewer neutrinos were measured coming from the sun than were predicted to be produced in the sun using models of the sun's interior. The original expt was done by Ray Davis using cleaning fluid as a detector. It has now been confirmed by several more elaborate (and expensive) detectors. Davis received the Nobel prize for his measurement.
    The current explanation of the lack of neutrinos reaching the earth is that some of the electron neutrinos produced in the sun change into other types of neutrinos that don't get measured.
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    ah ok ...quick response btw.
    do u know of any websites i can look this up on , apart from the few that pop up on the 1st page of google searchs if any .
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    Argh! Another Wikipedia reference!

    Go the the "horse's mouth". Read the links in the late John Bahcall's webpage.


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    It's not a problem - it's an opportunity!
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