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Homework Help: The solution of the PDE

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    find the general solution of yux+xuy=yu+xex ( the solution is in the form of u(x,y)=yex+f(y2-x2)ex )
    if at first the value of u(x,y) on the upper half of hyperbola (that is y>=1) has been given as φ,show that if φ has not been given as a special form there is no solution.find that special form of φ and show there is infinite solution in this situation.
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    thanks for your advice
    i tried the method of characteristics,but i can not find the solution :blushing:
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    The characteristic equations are
    then the characteristic are given as [tex]dy/dx=x/y[/tex]. Then this integrates up to [tex]f(x,y)=C[/tex]. Then use [tex]du/dx=\dot{u}/\dot{x}[/tex] and integrate up.

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    i found the general solution of the equation. thanks for your helps
    but i can't understand anything rest of the question.i am waiting for your helps.
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