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The soul

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    further to earlier question on whether soul exists...I have been plagued by poltergeist like happenings since I was a kid. Either some dead person wishes to talk to me soooo badly that I'm being stalked by a ghostie...l.o.l....or my mind gets miffed and moves things around so that I notice it. I don't think that my mind and it's ephemeral body can be seperate as some of the stuff that moved needed hands to do it....so therefore my mind must have the capacity at least of being attached to a metaphysical body. Can you dislodge the self from the siritual consciosness? You are not just conscious of your mind per se...but conscious of your whole self.....which means that on seperation you should..if you are good enough...be able to utilise all your metabody parts to move objects etcetera. Some of the stuff I have seen requires thumbs to acheive...so therefore, far from being just a ball of energy floating out into the envoirenment ...it must be a whole body awareness...otherwise the lid on my shampoo bottle would have stayed where it was...unles of course my oobe self has found a way to use thumblike movements whilst clumped in a mass of pure energy...and what would be the point of that...when my conscioussness already "knows" my "self" inside out...forgive the pun..l.o.l. Why would you bother changing your metaphysical identity if it were already working being a double of you? I call also the rapping noises of the poltergeist.....why would you mind butt the wall when you already have a metaphyisical hand to do the job?
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    I consider this to be spam.
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    can I ask you why you think that? As nothing has been proven either way on this topic, is it not worthy of discussion?
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    How can one change one's metaphysical identity (ignoring for now the need to define 'metaphysical identity')?
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    I meant is your conscious awareness/spiritual self merely a bolt of energy or does it fill your physical self as you are consciously aware and always your self..ie: two arms and legs etc'. The definition of metaphysical identity is the soul that mirrors the physical self rather than just an energy flare to create poltergeist instances.
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    It is what you decide it is.
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    The body uses fuel in order to perform various functions much the same way as a power station uses fuel to perform various functions required by the population of cities, etc.
    If a power station is closed down and no fuel is used we don't ask where all the electricity has gone so why do we persist in the belief that our body can produce energy long after it has been broken down. We have a great deal to learn about the true nature and power of the human mind but don't expect more than you have been given.
    Be happy with the power you have and experiment to support your beliefs, then share the method so we can reproduce your results..
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    Ivan Seeking

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    This is the only part of the dicussion that meets the forum guidelines. You are welcome to share your personal experiences, but to assume the premise of your claims - that in fact you have experienced something paranormal - as a fact for the sake for further speculation, is expressly forbidden in the S&D posting guidelines. We may only consider specific events and then try to make sense of what might have happened.

    I realize that this was orginally posted in the Philosphy Forum, but the discussion was innappropriate for that forum as well. If you wish to discuss religious or metaphysical concepts, there are other forums on the internet that would be suitable.
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