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The source of all: the MIND

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    We wouldn't be complete without this post in the Philosophy forum, would we?
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    the mind is the filter for all that we experience subjectively...
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    (Briefly welcomes self)
    I agree with Kerrie.
    The mind is not the source of all things, but it is true that all of our conscious decisions come via the mind. It acts as the conduit from the interpretations of our perception, our memories and our instinct into actual action, not the beginning itself. Without input, the cpu of the mind is meaningless.
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    Boy, did you ever scare me, arkhron! I'll be posting the original posts from my "Hurdles" thread soon. I hope to get some responses.
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    Les Sleeth

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    [?] I don't understand what you are saying exactly. Do you mean mind is the source of all for a human? You don't mean it's the sourse of the universe, for instance, do you?
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    Actually, I think ahrkron was making reference to lifegazer's hypothesis (that the Mind is the source of all things).
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    Yes, the brain is the organ of the mind. Therefore, would you consider the mind to be the soul or what?
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    Are you asking about the Mind of lifegazer's hypothesis? Or are you asking about a human mind. If it is the latter, then the mind is not the soul, it is something that the center of consciousness (self, soul, however you'd like to refer to it) uses to control the brain, which - in turn - controls the rest of the body.
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    I prefer to think the mind the is creator of everythign we experience. Everything is subjective and nothing is objective, this whole world could be a pigment of my imagination..... and it annoys me how i can't seem to get it right.
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    Please see my "Hurdles to Lifegazer's hypothesis" thread. Even if you don't agree with what I say, it will help you see my side of the issue (in that I believe that there is an objective reality, and that our minds make sense of external stimuli).
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